Twitter transience

I travel a lot to places where I don't have access to the innernets for long periods of time. But I am also a Twitter user, and those two things don't mix well. By the time I get back, old tweets I haven't read yet have already scrolled off of the page (and off of the RSS feed), lost forever. I don't pick up my "with friends" RSS feed in my normal feed reader because this makes me read duplicated messages when I am in networked areas. To solve this problem, I decided to add my "with friends" feed to Google Reader, which I only use as a block embedded on my personalized Google homepage. Since Google is always on and all-knowing, it grabs and archives all of my friends' twittering, and I can go back in time forever. It's been working very well, and I don't mind making a specific trip to the reader page just to catch up on tweets. Screenshot: