Still using SpinVox

I love using SpinVox to have my voicemails transcribed and emailed to me, but I'm having problems getting accuracy in translations. For example, here's one I got today:

Eric, hey it's Quack the Messer. Hey I'm checking at your tab and I think it looks fantastic and I'm pretty not ya it feels great and it's nice and wide. This is like the real Bear. It looks to you at all. so I think you should go for it. So I will make sure what to do.

I don't know any "Quack the Messer"!

Or, maybe it's that all my friends are mumblers. Still, I have been impressed when people leave messages that are very clear. Here's one that Mandy left me when I was testing the service:

Hello, Eric. This is Mandy & I just wanted to say shooby dooby shananana, lalalalalala, ok. Bye.

Fun stuff. I love SpinVox.