Unauthorized charges / fraud by Callwave

Does anyone out there know of a company called Callwave? They're some sort of service that takes over your mobile phone voicemail to provide additional services. I am not a customer of Callwave, nor have I ever been. But for the last year and a half, I've been billed 3 times a month by Callwave; each month, I am billed twice for $3.95 and once for $7.95. I've called them a few times and have sent letters, but they continue to charge my credit card. What's worse (and incredible) is that they have no record of my credit card number on file. They can't even find my charges in the system! And in the meantime, I continue to call up AMEX and dispute all the charges (every three months or so).

So if you're thinking of using Callwave, please don't. How can you trust a company that doesn't have records of 57 separate billing events to a credit card number they can't find in their system? I'm sure there are other people being charged illegally as well. I see a class-action lawsuit coming...

Their phone number is 888-777-2807, but they gave a second number, which they say is their "fraud line": 866-392-0003

I'm going to try reporting the charges as fraud to AMEX. But I'll have to time it for when I have the time and energy to change my credit card number.


*UPDATE* 11/29/07 - Shortly after I filed complaints with the BBB and the FCC, I received a bunch of emails and phone calls from Callwave, who suddenly really wanted to help me resolve the problem. I have to say that they were really helpful after being prodded.

We tracked down the charges to an old AMEX number, whose charges were being forwarded on to my current card. I never understood why credit card companies do this by default. I closed my old card because it disappeared -- doesn't that mean they shouldn't accept charges to it anymore!? In any case, the old card number brought up three different accounts registered to my name with fake email addresses.

One of the accounts was registered to a fssolutions1975@yahoo.com in February of 2006 (phone: 646-217-4890, fax: 646-808-3427). Fannya wouldn't give me the other two accounts, which is too bad. I would have loved to post them here, in case others have had issues with the email addresses or phone numbers the accounts belong to.

The message here? File complaints with the BBB, FCC, and CPUC (if applicable). The company involved will then get in touch with you and be very excited about wanting to resolve things.

Finally, this post shows up as #2 in Google for "Callwave fraud". I hope it helps someone.