Bahamas teaser: tiger sharks and more

two tiger sharks (Galeocerdo cuvier) in the bahamas
I returned this evening from a short shark-diving expedition to the Bahamas aboard the M/V Shearwater, which was planned as a result of a serendipitous meeting at DEMA earlier this month, including folks from various shark and ocean conservation organizations (listed previously).

We worked long days to capture all of the footage we needed for the project, but still managed to have a great time. Despite a sour forecast, conditions at Tiger Beach were the best I had ever seen: at least a dozen tiger sharks, dozens of lemon sharks, and a few hours of 200 ft visibility!

As usual, Emma was there... but she looks a *lot* smaller because she gave birth. I hate to say it, but she pretty much looks like a normal tiger shark now. Still, she was as sweet as ever, and it was a pleasure to get to spend time in the water with her.

*UPDATE* I've uploaded some more photos to a flickr page.

me, getting footage of a tiger shark (photo: rob stewart)

group photo, decked out in sea shepherd gear

... and jimmy claims i never smile in photos! (or am i just squinting in the sun? ;)