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Re-examining priorities

I've been wanting to cut my nails since I returned from the Bahamas last night, but my nail clippers are in my bathroom bag, which is in one of my dive bags. The dive bag is zip-locked shut, and I have to use scissors before I can open it. Or maybe the bathroom bag is in the 4th bag, which is coming back via a luggage shipping service... At the same time, I'm trying to scrub 8 hours of underwater audio to prepare it for Shawn's editing job (OTS com system chatter recorded to an Edirol R-09) while trying to simultaneously get through select line items on my TODO list and following up on a couple of Wetpixel Quarterly issues. Email keeps coming in (damn, these long fingernails are pissing me off), and I've been on the phone catching up with calls I missed.

But somehow, I had time to write up this rambly post and hit "Publish".