Weekend update on social networking

I attended two 1st year Korean "Tol" baby birthday parties over the weekend, which were both a lot of fun. I'll post photos, soon. Parties and gatherings are great, but they are tough to schedule at the moment because I'm swamped trying to both catch up with life stuff and get the 2nd issue of Wetpixel Quarterly out the door. It's 3:30am, and I just finished what I had to do today. Earlier today, I was thinking a bit about the social-networking applications that I use (Twitter and Facebook, mostly). At Ella's pseudo-Tol, I was explaining how I use Twitter (someone asked me! it's not normal party talk...), and one of the most important points I detailed was that I only allow those who are compatible with me into networks that have the potential for evil. Most social networking sites have the potential to be extremely annoying, and additional spam/complication is not something I need in my life. Alex King has given this some thought as well, and luckily, we are compatible. :)

I also brought this up when teaching Kim to twitter last week. Specifically, I told her that I didn't want to know if someone was eating a bagel, but I might want to know something more substantial, funny, or bitchy. She proceeded to bagel-tweet me a few times during the course of the evening, which was ironically the perfect use of twitter because it made me laugh every time.

Last week, I was bullied into adding the Super Wall application to my Facebook profile because I was sick of not being compatible with 3 million of its users. Today, I received 9 identical Super Wall posts from someone I have only met once. I promptly deleted the messages, wrote to him notifying him that he was doing bad things, and de-friended him. He wrote back and said that he didn't know anything about spamming everyone, so I forgave him. But it means that Super Wall allows people to do very bad things. He has 102 friends, and if he sent 9 posts to each of them, over 900 spam messages were unleashed unknowingly! I blocked the application.

I've started actively blocking all of the stupid ninja, zombie, mega-poke, sheep-throwing, frog-licking applications as I encounter them. Hopefully, by preemptively blocking things, I can continue to have a good experience using the social-networking sites that I frequent.

Oh, and if I remove you as a friend somewhere, it's not because we can't be friends. It's just that we just aren't compatible within the context of that particular community. And I won't be offended if you remove me.

I guess preemptive breakup messages can be useful. :)