Yummy food at the Luodong night market

My mother grew up in Luodong, and we found ourselves wandering around its night market tonight after going to a Tsunah Foundation event. The night market is literally a block away from where my mother grew up, although the surrounding area is very different. "There were rice paddies behind us, and in front of us, across the street... more rice paddies," she told us, as we drove down the street. We sat down at two places and ate some great stuff. The first was a dessert: fun yuen (or whatever -- I am no pinyin expert) over shaved ice, grass jelly, and condensed milk. The rest of my family had it hot, which was a mistake; mine was much more tasty.

awesome dessert at the night market [see all photos]

The second was a sesame oil chicken in broth -- a specific flavor I had previously only tasted at home. We very nearly decided to head back to Taipei directly from the Tsunah event, but I'm very happy that we didn't! Photos follow...

assorted meats, like chicken feet. we didn't buy.

a very-popular stinky tofu stand. we didn't buy. (i hate the stuff!)

the stand where we ate sesame oil chicken in broth

my mom bought some sort of roasted peanuts here

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