Happy Holidays 2007!

Happy holidays, everyone! I'm still in Taiwan, but will be back in the States on the 27th. I made this card from three photos I took while walking around in Ximen Ding today.

My father and I stood around on the street while my sister looked at bags and purses (but it's ok, because she ended up something she liked). We also went into Eslite near Tai Da (why is it called Eslite? it's nothing like its name in Mandarin...), where I bought an EX Knife Holder, a design by Raffaele Iannello. Chrome might match my new kitchen better, but black will really stand out on the stainless countertop. Also, I'm not sure chromed plastic will wear well over time. Prices in the States range from $70 - $155 (plus shipping / tax). The price in Taiwan was $80 even, which made me happy.

me, with a guy who isn't happy to be half-eaten (photo: wendy cheng)

Anyway, I'm around for most of January and just over half of February before my travels really pick up. So if you're reading this and are a Real-Life Friend, let's hang out. :)