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Final Cut Pro 6.0.2 browser scroll bar bug

I'm having a problem with the browser in Final Cut 6.0.2 (MacBook Pro, 3GB RAM). If I open a clip and create lots of markers (I have dozens to hundreds per clip in the project I'm currently working in), the browser sometimes won't allow me to scroll all the way to the bottom of the list. I have to close the project and re-open it to access the elements on the bottom. The bug occurs sporadically, but regularly. If I open the project and start creating markers, the scroll bars cut off content after perhaps... 15-20 new markers.

Has anyone else out there had this problem? Here's a video demonstrating the bug.

[flashvideo filename=videos/finalcutbrowserbug.flv width=368 height=448 floatingcontrols=true /]

The video shows that I cannot scroll down to the bottom of the browser pane until I close the project and re-open it.

I've submitted the bug to Apple, but thought that it couldn't hurt to post here.

*UPDATE* Here's another video showing monitor refresh bugs in the browser window.

[flashvideo filename=videos/finalcut-browser-bug2.flv width=528 height=448 floatingcontrols=true /]