Hot sprints at Beitou, Taiwan

hot springs at beitou, taiwan
On December 14th, my family met up with the Kao family in Beitou. After a pseudo-Italian lunch, we walked the path around the hot springs (which contain water that is nearly boiling temperature) and then up windy mountain roads to the Kao grandparents' place. Their place has a fantastic view of the surrounding area.

hot springs at beitou, taiwan

Next door to the pseudo-Italian restaurant, there was a place selling sushi. The poster made me want to go in, but we ended up at the Italian place instead.

what better way to sell sushi!?

In the evening, we had dinner at the Sheraton hotel with the Kao family, Tarng family, and Professor Wu Naiteh, a research fellow in sociology / political science at the Academia Sinica. It was the first of the many "stuff yourself silly" dinners we would have during our time in Taiwan.

*sigh*. another year.

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