Tsunah Foundation evening

In 1997, my sister and I participated in the first ever Tsunah Cultural Tour, which has since been renamed the "International Youth Culture Tour to Taiwan." Each year when we're back in Taiwan, we always make a special trip to the Tsunah Foundation to see this year's batch of kids and our family friends, Lin Yi-hsiung (林義雄), Judy and Joel Linton, and their three girls (who are SO CUTE).

Charis, Faith, and Ashlyn perform magic tricks

A highlight of the evening was seeing Vivian, a Tsunah 2007 tour member, teach step dancing to participants and board members... including my MOM! I'm no fan of Asians doing step (generally, it gives me embarrassment chills), but -- go, Mom!

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As is tradition in all Taiwanese gatherings, the "kids" were encouraged to perform by playing piano or singing. None of the older kids volunteered (except for Vivian and the aforementioned step fiasco), but Judy and Joel's daughters stepped right up and sang a bunch of Taiwanese songs. They are so cute that they make me want to have daughters.

Charis, Faith, and little Ashlyn sing Taiwanese songs

Other photos:

Wendy with Judy Lin

OK, so my mom wants a grandchild. It's totally obvious.

Check out Ashlyn eating cake!

Debbie Lin and her daughter, Laura

Tsunah Tour class of 2007

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