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Holiday visits from friends

GG's visits always coincide with strange scenes
I have some photos to share of various friends who have been in town for the holidays. Vienna Teng has been in town for the past few weeks. She came over to hang out and put on a shark suit. It's not quite the same hilarity that her penguin costume evokes, but it was funny nevertheless. The next day, Tammy Loh came up to Oakland to have lunch with me at Cafe Fanny in Berkeley. Pat Suh is also in town, and we met up for a few hours one afternoon before she drove off to Tahoe to snowboard. And finally, GG showed up from Australia. GG and her crew met up for dinner at Buca di Beppo in Palo Alto before headed over to Salar's place for some hot tubbing. At around 1am, someone exclaimed randomly, "it's bow and arrow time!" -- which although bizarre, made perfect sense at the time.

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Vienna Teng puts on a shark suit. She is a good sport.

Vienna Teng is in town for a bit

Tammy Loh visits from New York (Cafe Fanny, Berkeley)

Pat Suh visits from New York

GG shoots arrows

Mandy Knox, Eric Cheng, and Erin Anderson Vitus at Buca di Beppo

The last photo reminded me of an old photo of Erin, Mandy and me from 7-8 years ago. We look pretty much the same, I think...

Erin, me, and Mandy in... 1998/1999, I think?

[all photos from GG's visit] [tammy and vienna teng]