MacWorld Expo 2008

Panorama of the Apple booth at MacWorld 2008 (best seen large, on black)
This afternoon, I took the BART over to San Francisco where I met up with Adam Tow and Victor at the Moscone Center to check out the MacWorld Expo floor (mostly for the MacBook Air). Although it was fun, I was pretty bored after about 2 hours. Since none of us have business to conduct at MacWorld, we just wandered around aimlessly. As usual, I took some photos.

I started going to MacWorld in 2004. It wasn't until years later that I switched back to the Mac, but I enjoyed going to the show each year to see the shiny toys and to hang out with a few friends (usually Adam Nash, Adam Tow, and Victor).

I lugged my 21-megapixel Canon 1Ds Mark III to the show with an assortment of low-light lenses. I had planned on shooting all sorts of detailed shots of the MacBook Air, but it was so crowded that someone edged in after just a few minutes with the machine.

This year, I thought I would do something different and offer some downloadable images in high-resolution. I've posted a bunch of images to Flickr, and 11 of them are available for download in high resolution if you are a Flickr Pro member. If you aren't, then you can use the links at the bottom of this entry.

Photos: [flickr set] | Links to previous years' coverage: [2007] [2005] [2004]

Assorted images: (for all of them, see the Flickr set)

MacBook Air madness! Each computer had a chaperone.

Victor fondles a MacBook Air

A Chilean TV anchor prepares to introduce the MacBook Air

Download high-resolution images below (these may only be available for a few months). If you are a Flickr Pro member, you can get these -- and more -- from the Flickr set.

Once you click over to the site that hosts each hi-res image, you have to click on "Request Download Link" to get the file.

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