Delicious copyright violation

There has been quite a bit of screaming turtle use without permission lately. Luckily, most have been innocent and fun (the most impressive being the screaming turtle tattoo). My friend, Heidi (H-T), saw my turtle on the street in San Francisco last week, and her friend snapped a photo of the stand and e-mailed it to me. Apparently, a restaurant called "Honu's" has just opened up, and my screaming turtle is announcing the news!

I don't really care so much about usage like this. Still, my copyright is clearly visible on the image -- just get in touch and ask. It isn't that hard to do. I'd gladly have traded a free meal for me and a friend for the use of my turtle image. I'd even accept something like that retroactively. :)

*UPDATE* The owners of Honu's Island Grinds wrote to me after someone called them and told them that they were using my image unlawfully. It was someone named "Kim" who called. Which Kim, I wonder?