Teleport: multiple Macs with single keyboard and mouse

screenshot from my two computers
I used to be a frequent user of Synergy, but it would occasionally lose connection and require the service to be restarted. Also, with the recent upgrade to Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard), I've heard that it takes some tweaking to make it work properly.

I just downloaded and installed Julien Robert's teleport (donation-ware), which is the best keyboard/mouse-sharing app I've ever used. Previously, I was forced to use Synergy because I had a Windows machine next to my Mac. But now that I'm 100% Mac-based, teleport is just about perfect. It has been very stable so far, and features pleasing interface cues to show mouse location (when not on the main screen) and the moment the cursor crosses screen boundaries.

I'm off to donate to Robert's shareware fund. :)

*UPDATE* One thing I'll have to get used to is on two different keyboards. Before, I used with Mail Act-On's keyboard shortcuts exclusively on my MacBook Pro. As a result, I now keep hitting Option instead of Control -- the lack of the Fn key on my desktop keyboard is throwing me off!