Carolyn Nash's birthday

carolyn celebrates her birthday @ junoon
I really enjoy going to Nash events because in addition to celebrating whatever event is at hand, I get to see old friends that I don't get to see regularly. It's also a reminder of the career path I could have chosen had I not been derailed by the ocean (and by my own inability to stay confined within the tech world).

I sat at a table with Adam Nash, Rachel and Joe Chang, Catherine Miller, and her husband, Dan. Carolyn was at the other table, as were Schrep and Erin, and a bunch of other folk. I realized as we left the restaurant that I like the more casual, house-party birthdays because it's easier to wander around and talk to everyone there. We all seem to be getting more and more busy as each year goes by. For the most part, I think it has to do with babies.

As a pseudo-gift, I printed out a scanned photo I found of Adam, Carolyn and me at Apple campus in 1997 (the summer Adam and Carolyn met). Check it out -- I'm wearing a Legion of Doom t-shirt from high school days! har har har.

Me, Adam, and Carolyn @ Apple, 1997
I think this was taken by an ex-girlfriend.

Happy Birthday, Carolyn! Here are links to images from previous Nash birthday parties: [2005] [2004] [2003] [2002]

Adam and Carolyn Nash