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The funniest envelope I've ever received

a gift from my sheep lover friend
I thought someone had actually signed me up for more information from the organization, if such an org really did exist.

The exact words that went through my head were, "HA HA, motherfucker."

But then, I turned the letter around and saw that it was from my buddy, Dan Baldocchi. Inside the envelope was a Starbucks gift card. I scratched off the PIN number and went online to register it... and it had been used! I thought -- another joke? But then I concluded that it must be Starbucks gift card fraud, since the PIN number hadn't been exposed prior to me receiving it.

I'm pretty sure the balance is supposed to be more than $0.82 when you receive one of these. Someone will pay.

*UPDATE* The sheep-lover will pay. The Starbucks card was a joke, too -- I'm SO GLAD I didn't try to use it before checking the balance online. I would have had to make a special trip to Starbucks in order to use the card, because I don't normally go there.

*UPDATE2* It's ON. :)