Mac OS Leopard backup (and other) woes

I don't regret upgrading to Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard). The network improvements (no more 1-2 minute SPODs!) and Quicklook are features that have improved my productivity a lot. And luckily, I haven't been hit by many of the compatibility bugs out there. There are, however, still a few things that are driving me crazy:

  1. SuperDuper! still doesn't work. Not having a way to make a bootable backup is making me very nervous -- especially when I'm in the field.
  2. Carbon Copy Cloner won't automatically mount sparse disk images. This is bad because it's the only way I do automated backups (to a sparse image on the network). It's a known problem. Mr. Bombich plans to fix it in version 3.0.2, but it's been months without a peep.
  3. Keyboard freezes occasionally when Microsoft Office 2004 is running. Infuriating.
  4. The new open/save dialog box doesn't show mounted network volumes at the top level. Instead, it asks you to browse through servers in the SHARED section. Not convenient -- and sometimes, it mounts a duplicate share using a different protocol.
  5. No RAW converter update for the Canon 1Ds Mark III. This isn't Leopard-related, but it still sucks. I can't use Aperture with any new images I'm shooting until Apple releases a RAW update.
  6. My Apple mouse sometimes freaks out and sends the cursor across the screen instantly. Also not Leopard-related.

Did I mention that I hate computers? I just hate this one less than I did my old Windows boxes.