State of things

Between contractor hell, planning a move (its timeliness contingent on hell freezing over), sudden trips (leaving tomorrow for Hawaii for a few days to shoot waves), botched vendor dealings (the lens I need for the aforementioned trip didn't arrive on time, and neither did the other stuff), future expedition planning, photo contest organization (DEEP Indo deadline is in 3 days), general Wetpixel support, and recent family trauma (uncle diagnosed with leukemia), I am poised to be pushed over the edge by whatever comes next. News of family sickness is hard to take. Cyn came over today, and is dealing with something similar. Neither of us seem to be directly affected (yet) by what is going on in our respective families, but the pain comes in waves. Speaking with my mother, for example, nearly made me cry. I could hear the pain in her voice, and I couldn't stop thinking that she was going to have to be the one to tell her parents that her youngest brother has leukemia (the speed at which one becomes nearly debilitated is something I almost cannot believe). It is like a shadow over everything I've been doing for the past day. The only thing in the list above that really matters is my uncle's condition, yet I spend my time ticking through the TODO list that never seems to end.

Going to Hawaii to get away for a few days will probably be good for my sanity.

You are probably thinking, "But you just came back from a vacation!"

Oh yeah. This sort of work is supposed to be fun...