Calls from 562-228-7160 about vehicle warranty

I keep getting calls from 562-228-7160 to my mobile phone telling my my vehicle warranty has expired. I stayed on the line to talk to an operator, and he hung up on me when I told him I wanted to be taken off their list. If you call back, the number goes nowhere. A Google search for the number shows that others have had the same issue from the same number.

Anyone have more information? I've filed a complaint with the FCC, which I hope will have some effect (and you should, too, if they have called you). Those bastards.

UPDATE: Drew has a great plan. Let's flood their toll-free number with calls and run up their bill:

Now here's where we get them back. Lets run up their phone bills. 888 numbers are free for us--not for them. Let's make this the Million Man Message!!! Everyone - call this number: 888-858-8448. Don't just call it once, call it 10 times. Call it 10 times for each call you get from them. They'll get the picture.

The company answers as "Great Atlantic Warranty." Be sure to dial *67 before your call to block outgoing Caller ID! Maybe use a fax machine on auto-retry...

UPDATE, 2 Feb 2009: I'm getting a similar call from 501-977-0960 (5019770960). This is infuriating.