How to properly jailbreak iPhone 1.1.4 with YouTube fix

OK, so I may or may not have had a jailbroken iPhone with a broken YouTube instance. There are dozens of guides on the web that claim to have a solution for the iPhone YouTube problem, but none of them worked for me except this one... which happens to also be bundled with directions for jailbreaking iPhones with firmware v1.1.4. 1. Jailbreak with ZiPhone / YouTube fix

> This solution (linked) works very well with firmware 1.1.4. No other solution claiming YouTube compatibility has worked.

> From a jailbroken 1.1.3 iPhone, I backed up my data via iTunes, restored to 1.1.4, and restored my data when prompted. I didn't have to restore to OTB 1.1.3 before directly restoring 1.1.4.

> This YouTube fix is just like others out there on the web, except that that files included in the fix are different. I highly recommend backing up any file you replace on your iPhone.

> If you want to do this this quick way, just follow the directions detailed in the linked page, above. I chose to use Cydia instead of BSD, and if you would like to do that same, continue reading...

--- WITH CYDIA ---

I followed the directions in the link above, EXCEPT that instead installing "BSD Subsystem" and "OpenSSH" in step 12 of the jailbreak guide linked above, I installed "Cydia Package Manager" and "OpenSSH" (see steps 2 and 3, below).

2. Install Cydia Package Manager with Installer

This works side-by-side with Installer with no conflicts. Just be sure not to install ANYTHING BSD-related if you use Cydia. To install Cydia, add to your Installer sources and install "Cydia Packager" in the "System" category.

3. Uninstall OpenSSH in Installer

4. Install OpenSSH in Cydia

5. Install MobileTerminal in Cydia

6. Change root password using MobileTerminal or SSH

Note that if you are using BSD in your iPhone, you should change your password with a workaround instead of using 'passwd' (at least, for 1.1.3 -- I was too afraid to try it, even in 1.1.4). But 'passwd' works just fine if you are using Cydia.


7. Install using Cydia:

Contacts | Home Screen curl

8. Install using Installer:

Apollo BossPrefs Categories weDict English Entymology Merriam-Webster Dictionary iGo HP15C MobileFinder MobileTextEdit Sketches ScreenShot Search SendPics SendSong VoiceNotes PDFViewer

9. Install iPhone Lojack

I used some other apps in 1.1.3, but the apps in the list above are the only ones out of my normal app list that would install properly on 1.1.4.