Petition to protect the Blue Heron bridge

a red-lipped batfish at the blue heron bridge
Petition to protect the Blue Heron bridge [link] Diverse diving area in Riviera Beach, Florida, is threatened by collectors

The Blue Heron bridge is located on the eastern most section of the continental United States, where the warm water of the Gulf Stream current comes in closer than any other place on the east coast. This current brings in larval animals and juveniles of tropical marine species, depositing them directly under the Blue Heron bridge. These tropical species intermingle with the temperate species normally found in this area, creating one of the most diverse marine habitats anywhere in the United States. Some of the unusual species found at the bridge are seahorses, stargazers, flying gurnards, striated frogfish, searobins, Atlantic longarm (mimic) octopi, and much more.

If you want to help save the Blue Heron bridge from the irreparable damage caused by collectors, please sign our petition, which was created by a local attorney, Pura Vida Divers, and other members of the Palm Beach Diving Association. If you would rather sign the petition in person, it can be found at Pura Vida Divers, Narcosis Dive Charters, Jim Abernethy’s Scuba Adventures.