Baby Jack, 16 months old

Baby Jack watches the game with Dad
Being pseudo-homeless at the moment, I spent the last two days down at Stanford with Geoff, Livia, and Baby Jack (Palo Alto: so clear! so cold!). I felt very domestic, even though Geoff and Livia never let me do any work when I'm at their place. Baby Jack is learning quickly; it's a lot of fun to hang out with him now because he understands pretty much everything you say to him.

Mandy and Elliot came by to see Jack, and Jack instantly fell in love with Mandy. It was funny -- he started acting really weird as soon as Mandy walked in the door.

Baby Jack. One day, he may fly away with those things.

Feeding Baby Jack is always an adventure

Dad reads to Baby Jack

Jack points to a piece of artwork

In the evening, I had dinner with Joechang in Oakland, and then followed him home in an attempt to stay at his place for the night. After 20 minutes of circling around looking for a place to park, I aborted and headed to the Sunset to crash at Mandy and Elliot's place (which required another 15 minutes of wandering).

I had forgotten how hard parking can be in San Francisco without a dedicated parking spot.

Oh, and I had my car washed in preparation for a good Palo Alto pollen dusting followed by Sunset mist and fog. Sometimes I wonder why I even try.