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Eli Woolery's underwater photography @ Moxi Salon

Eli and Courtney Woolery at Moxi [ see all photos]
Elijah Woolery, my friend and co-editor of Wetpixel Quarterly, had a small show and auction yesterday at Moxi Salon (show benefits the Surfrider Foundation). I had never been to a show in a beauty salon before; the owner and employees made it into a nice, cozy space. I really liked their take on the ubiquitous salon mirrors, and each station had hanging hair dryers that activated when pulled on. Congratulations on the show, Eli!

I had a good time meeting some of Courtney's co-workers, and it was great to see Alissa, who stopped by on her way to dinner (or, I should say, on her way back from Africa before her trip to Turks & Caicos -- her schedule is eerily similar to mine!).

me 'n alissa, self portrait

I'm not sure how long the prints will be up on the walls, but if you are interested, you should stop by. Moxi is at 1980 Union Street #8. It's up the stairs on the right, past the snowboard railing. [see all photos from the show]

Also, Eli has some work online. You may want to check out his online gallery with prints from the show. He also has a more extensive gallery from the Revillagigedos / Socorro trip.

UPDATE: Eli has posted a photo of me from the Revillagigedos trip. I definitely look better in black and white. :)