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The Lai Curse

Last night, I divided 240 by 4 and got 80. The curse strikes again! Roaming around San Francisco has been a lot of fun. I pick a random restaurant within walking distance of wherever I end up sleeping and go hang out there to work on my computer for a few hours. Because my friends who aren't on normal working schedules have either moved away or had babies, I live mostly in solitude during week days. And so, I wander around and hang out with the people around me (even though I don't actually talk to anyone except for wait staff).

Yesterday, at Yummy Yummy (in the Sunset), two of the guys who work there saw a big photo of a shark on my computer screen and had a conversation about it. Here's how I imagined that it went:

Waiter 1: "Whoah! Check out that shark! That's really cool!"

Waiter 2: "Are you crazy? That thing would bite your head off in an instant."

Waiter 1: "Whatever. That's the coolest thing ever."

Waiter 2: "Hmm. I'm getting hungry..."

I recognized one of the waiters as having been there when I was a regular customer 8-9 years ago (when my ex-girlfriend lived out in the Sunset). Dave says there is a guy there who will talk your ear off while you eat, but I haven't met him, yet.