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Twitter success disaster? Hello, Jaiku...

I'm thinking of bailing out on Twitter and moving to Jaiku. I don't really care what I use as long as it works reliably. Jaiku's acquisition by Google pretty much ensures that it is always going to work. For my own records, later on (when I make the switch):

juhu - Mac client, like Twitterrific mobile juhu - juhu for iPhone, native app! awesome. Techcrunch article about switching to Jaiku

I suppose I'll also have to wait for Alex King to make the switch and update his Twitter plug-in to support both Twitter and Jaiku. Right, Alex? :)

And then there's the need for a Facebook app...

And, um... can someone fast track me a Jaiku invite? THANK YOU! (I'm "echeng")

Update, a few minutes later: I'm using a Jaiku badge in my journal now. It's Flash, unfortunately, but it works and looks fine. I've also set Jaiku to pull RSS from Twitter, and from my journal. Hopefully, this will allow me to get tweets from my Twitter account into Jaiku. I'm not sure how quickly it updates, though. We'll see.

If the Jaiku badge successfully pulls in Twitter posts, then I can use it on the sidebar of my journal to aggregate Jaiku, Twitter, and journal posts. But I'll likely continue to use Twitter unless it continues to be unreliable in the future...