How to email big files from crappy connections

OK, so here's my problem. I'm in Bonaire on a connection that drops all a time, which makes it really, really hard to do things like upload big videos for use in our live shootout coverage. This is why I had to cut one of the larger videos into three chunks, which makes for pretty disruptive viewing. Kyte's show uploading supports web upload and e-mail attachments. Unfortunately, neither will resume uploading if the connection fails and then comes back. But FTP does support resume, so here's what I've started doing:

1. FTP the video up to temp space on my server. 2. SSH into my server and e-mail the video to Kyte as an attachment.

The problem with #2 is that it is non-trivial to e-mail an attachment from the command line. Chris, my server admin, installed email, and now I can easily send attachments from the command line. It is tested and working!

Too bad it took a full day to figure out...