Streaming mpeg4 AVIs to Playstation 3 on Mac OS X

Does anyone know how to stream Xvid mpeg4 AVIs to a Playstation 3 using suitable media streaming software on Mac OS X? My ReadyNas box supports uPNP media streaming out of the box, which seems to work well for formats officially supported by the PS3. The only problem with the ReadyNas's implementation of uPNP is that it does a full volume scan of whatever I've shared once every 24 hours. If I add a new file and want to stream it immediately, I have to go into the admin interface and kick off a manual re-scan, which can take a long, long time.

So now, I've switched to using Nullriver's MediaLink, which is installed on a Mac Mini that I use as a backup server. The Mac Mini has the media volume on the NAS box mounted, and MediaLink shares that volume out to the PS3. So far, it has worked perfectly, except that video and formats not officially supported by the PS3 still don't work.

The PS3 doesn't support AVIs (or AAC audio files, for that matter), so the ideal media server needs to support realtime transcoding. The only product I've read about that seems to do that is Nero 8's MediaHome, which is Windows only. MediaHome claims to do real-time transcodes to the following formats:

Audio: MP3 (MPEG-1 Layer 3), AAC (Nero Digital), HE-AAC (Nero Digital) Video: MPEG-1, MPEG-2, Nero Digital (MPEG-4)

This seems ideal! My AAC audio would be transcoded on-the-fly to MP3, and all my unsupported video files would be transcoded on-the-fly to MPEG-4. Music isn't such a big deal because I'll stream music to the system using an Airport Express, but being able to play more video formats through the PS3 would be nice.

If I can't find a solution for the Mac, I may just take one of my extra Windows boxes and use it as a streaming media server.

Here's where the Mac people in my life come on and say, "But Quicktime and MP4 are the only way to go! You shouldn't NEED to deal with AVIs, ever!" I'll preemptively respond to your comments by saying that you are not living in the real world. Or maybe you're too old to realize how the new generation actually gets their media. ;)