What is up with Doostang?

A friend of mine invited me to join Doostang, "an invite-only career community started at Harvard, Stanford, and MIT." OK, I get that. That's sort of my community, so I joined, imported my LinkedIn profile (neat feature!), and invited some of my friends to connect. The site seemed to do the right thing, which was to identify from my contact list the people who were already Doostang members and to only ask them to connect. But shortly after, I received an email from a friend who tried to accept my invitation, only to be rejected because the link put her "on the Doostang welcome page.... and there's no way to register or login unless you've been invited by a Doostang member..."

So does that mean that I inadvertently invited my entire contact list to be members of Doostang? I hate it when people add me to social networks without my permission, and I hope that I didn't just spam everyone. If so, that qualifies as unforgivable trickery on the part of Doostang.

Speaking of being invited without permission, the person who solicited me to join Doostang used my personal e-mail address instead of my public one, so I was forced to add my other e-mail addresses and try to change my listed primary address. I added three more e-mail addresses, but none of those actions resulted in having a verification e-mail sent as promised. I went back to the e-mail address list and re-sent the verification e-mail (link cleverly hidded under "edit"), and finally received a verification e-mail, but upon clicking the link, Doostang said, "Invalid link for email verification."

Doostang isn't inspiring confidence. The people in their target "elite" market are probably not very forgiving of poor technical and interface design, and may not continue to use the site if it continues to throw strange errors.

Plus, I'm not really looking for a new job, so I'm not sure why I joined to begin with.

Finally, "Doostang?" Are you serious?

Urban Dictionary has a definition for what the word might mean, but it's not one that they will want to be associated with their business.