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Vienna Teng @ C. Donatiello Winery

me, with Vienna Teng in the cottage
On Sunday, June 29, 2008, I drove up to Healdsburg to see Vienna Teng perform at the C. Donatiello winery. It was the first paid show of their new music series, and the venue was really great. Seating was cafe style (holding about 150 guests), and Vienna performed from a stage just overlooking the seating area.

I was a bit nervous during the show because Vienna had texted me earlier to inform me that she had lost her voice (the "frog" she alluded to while on stage). When we arrived, I wandered into the cottage and hung out with her while she prepared a bowl of lemons for the show and drank honey tea. I also snagged a bottle of C. Donatiello wine and a few glasses for our table. :)

Despite her pal the frog, Vienna was great! I've only seen her like this a few times, but I'm always impressed that she manages to get through shows without her voice in perfect condition.

Ivy Zenobi joined Bill and me for the show. It was great to see her, as well.