My 15 favorite iPhone 2.0 applications

Here are the iPhone firmware 2.0 applications that I have installed and think are useful.

  • AIM - AIM / iChat client. Seems to work well! I had originally thought that this would be a good way to get URLs over from my big machine to my iPhone, but I was unable to tap on URLs, and as we all know, the iPhone doesn't have cut & paste. Unfortunately, it also doesn't parse phone numbers nor e-mail addresses, and messages sent to the my account while the app was not active were not queued up for later delivery.
  • Evernote - I use Evernote to store a lot of information, and the fact that it syncs across machines, the web, and the iPhone is fantastic. Like the web version of Evernote, the iPhone app doesn't allow you to view encrypted data. I hope this gets fixed in a future version.
  • Facebook - A polished update of the older web app. Also has Facebook chat capability.
  • Google - Really fast. Easy to search. Launches Safari when you tap on a result.
  • Jott - Fantastic implentation of mobile Jott, which allows you to record voicenotes and push them over as text to supported applications.
  • Kyte Producer- I haven't spent a lot of time testing this yet, but it is a mobile version of Kyte producer that allows you to create a new show with photo slideshows, polls, and links. All the iPhone needs is video to become a powerful video blogging tool.
  • Midomi - Find songs by singing / saying / typing / holding phone up to a speaker
  • NetNewsWire - RSS aggregator / reader. A great update to the old web app.
  • NYTimes - Well-done New York Times article reader with unobtrusive ads.
  • Paypal - haven't tested it yet, but it seems like it would be useful.
  • Remote - AWESOME iTunes remote control. Allows control of any iTunes instance where you are logged in as the same account.
  • Twitterrific Premium - I am a Twitter addict, and this app is clean, pretty, and functional.
  • WeatherBug - Impressive weather app, but only allows three locations to be stored at once. May want to hang onto the stock Weather app for additional locations.
  • Yelp - No-brainer if you are a Yelper. It doesn't let you login and access your account, but is a good search / research tool.
  • Zenbe Lists - The best simple list program I've seen for iPhone. Syncs with a web version.

I'm currently also evaluating Mobile News Network (AP), Comic Touch, Box Office, Mocha VNC Lite, Bank of America, and CityTransit (New York).

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