Upgraded to Wordpress 2.6

Wordpress 2.6 was just announced, and I have upgraded this journal. It only took one command in the shell to do this -- I highly recommend using Subversion to check out / upgrade your Wordpress install. It's really the best way. All of my plugins re-activated successfully except for Alex's Popularity Contest, which simply required changing one line of code to activate.

Incidentally, I'm using Mike's modified version of Popularity Contest because it plays well with wp-cache. It seems to be working fine, and required the same code change as the original version in order to be activated without a fatal error in Wordpress 2.6.

Here's an interesting statistic on why no Wordpress installation should be without Akismet: in the 2 minutes that the plugin was inactive, I received two comment spams. They went into moderation, but I'd go insane if Akismet wasn't active in my plugin list.

Also, the iPhone Mobile Admin plugin doesn't work on Wordpress versions past 2.3, which is unfortunate. I found it to be really useful.

Finally, if you upgrade to 2.6 and have Google Gears installed, be sure to click on the "Turbo" link in the upper-right hand corner of your admin interface to enable Gears for the Wordpress admin interface.

Let me know if you see any anomalies around here!