Baby Ella goes to New York

Two weeks ago, I stopped by Peter and Karine's place to say farewell and wish them a happy move back to New York. It was sad to see them go, but only because I empathize with the pain of moving so often. The truth is that I will probably see them just as often in New York as I did in San Francisco.

baby ella with wetpixel quarterly

Peter has been telling me for some time that the first issue of Wetpixel Quarterly is Ella's favorite "book." When I arrived, Ella quickly associated the "Eddic Chen" whose photo is in the front of the magazine with the dude standing in front of her, and then proceeded to happily name every underwater critter in the magazine [video]. I was really impressed -- at 20 months of age, she can probably identify more animals in Wetpixel Quarterly than can nearly every adult who has flipped through it!

Olivia, Jane, Linnea, and Ben came over as well to say their goodbyes (thanks, Olivia, for the pizza!). I hope the Kims return to San Francisco soon.