Friends in high places

Many of my old classmates and co-workers are ending up in influential positions in the tech world, which is very exciting. I continue to live vicariously through them because I wandered off the path years ago and fell with a big splash into the ocean, where I continue to paddle around. Here's an old photo I found today while looking through some archives:

interns @ apple in 1997

It's a (terribly-blurry) photo of Adam Nash, me, Michael Schroepfer, and Scott Kleper in 1997 when we met Woz as interns at Apple. Nash is now Director of Products at LinkedIn, Schrep just (today) left his position as VP Engineering at Mozilla to join Facebook as Director of Engineering, and Klep is CTO at Context Optional, Inc. What's especially interesting is that all three of them ended up at social networking companies. I guess it's the next big thing, eh?

Meanwhile, I keep floating around in the ocean, looking for interesting critters. Congratulations, guys! I'll be cheering you on while wrangling sharks and looking for rare nudibranchs. :)