Goodbye, Amsterdam

scott, me, cor, and julie @ sanzaka
Cor and Julie -- thank you so much for your hospitality. I had a great (and productive!) time. (updated with photos)

Everyone is saying, "Hey, that's great! Amsterdam! Did you go into coffee houses?"

The answer is no. Aside from a few trips into the center of the city to get dinner and a short excursion to tourist-mobbed towns Volendam and Marken, I could have been just outside of pretty much any city. For most of the week, Cor and I sat in his office and coded collaboratively while Julie fluttered around doing Julie things. I have to say that it was a lot of fun. :)

Best part of the week: Convincing Samba that I am not evil (took 5 days)

Worst part of the week: Watching a movie somewhere in the middle of Amsterdam with the most annoying audience I have ever experienced. Bored Amsterdam vagrants = terrible.

I also enjoyed teppanyaki at Sazanka, and meeting Cor and Julie's friend Scott, who is so anti-blog[^1] that he might find his name and face here and berate me for mentioning him.

[^1]: not that I consider this to be a blog...