An unfortunate preoccupation with the sun

Since I moved into my new cave, I've been obsessed with light and the position of the sun. For a period of a week, I spent an hour a day browsing light therapy and 5500°K lighting products. I even bought some, and have asked a designer to look into huge light panels for the wall (preferably LED to avoid any further baking from heat given off by generating light). It's a good thing I'm located right in the middle of everything here in San Francisco. I'm driven out of the house by hunger nearly every day, and luckily, summer days are long,and it's almost always still light when I venture out. I'm glad that I'm getting a good dose of natural light every day, even if I am not getting much of it when I sit here in front of my computer.

Plus, I'm isolated here, and it's really the only time I get to see people. I guess people watching is better than nothing.

My personalized Google homepage has adapted to my new obsession, and the entire right-hand column is now full of statistics on celestial bodies and time. Since I can't tell where the sun is from inside here, I guess I'll have to rely on the interwebs.

So... yeah, I love my new place. But it has its drawbacks.