What happened to Taqueria Cancun?

I went to Taqueria Cancun last night (the one at Mission/18th) with Jake, and found a taqueria I nearly didn't recognize. There was no free water, and during our entire dinner, only 3 Latinos came in to eat. Instead, it was a bunch of well-dressed folks -- Caucasians and Asians, mostly -- plus the occasional rail-thin hipster in a striped sport coat and funky hat.

the good ol' burrito mojado

However, the burrito mojado was as I remembered it to be, as was the nasty ambient smell, which only materialized after a yuppie asked a staff member to close the door because it was too cold outside.

Can anyone recommend a good taqueria in SOMA? I know there is a Taqueria Cancun at Market/6th, but it doesn't seem like there are many more in the area.