Eric Cheng

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OMG I heart the iPhone!

I continue to have 10-15 second freezes on my iPhone when I bring up the contacts list in attempts to make calls. It is really quite infuriating. Why can other phones handle hundreds of contacts without locking their users out? To make me feel better, I've decided to collect iPhone fail screens.

what good is 5 bars of coverage if you can't make a call?

I had a ton of failed calls when I was down in San Diego (as you might remember from my torrent of angry tweets), but that was before firmware 2.0, and I was unable to screenshot the fail screen even when using the jailbroken screenshot app.

**UPDATE**: At the moment, my iPhone doesn't show up in iTunes when I plug it in. My Apple Bluetooth headset also now refuses to pair with anything. Massive Apple failure.

**UPDATE**: I reinstalled iTunes 7.7.1, and it works again.