Strange people, strange baggage fee experience

At the talk I gave last week, there was a guy there who seemed to exist in a different plane of existence, and he managed to thoroughly confuse (and annoy) pretty much everyone he encountered. My experience with him wan't so bad: all he did to me was monopolize my time and ask me to get him a spot on the Sea Shepherd boat (uhh, ok).The only damage I suffered was collateral -- a missed opportunity to talk to other people.

Adam had a funny story:

>The Guy walks up to the table and flips through the sample copy of Wetpixel Quarterly.

>Guy: "Hey, that's a good image. Can you send it to me?"

>Adam: "Uh... well, if you like the image, you can purchase the magazine or subscribe. We can't really just send it to you."

>Guy: "Oh. Hmm. Well, how about... you take a picture of the picture, and send it to me."

>Adam: "?!?!!"

I wish I had witnessed the conversation to see Adam's response. :)

I'm at SFO right now waiting for my flight to Seattle. Alaska Airlines has a baggage fee policy that is truly confusing. An extra bag costs $25, but an overweight bag (51-100 lbs) incurs a fee of $50. So if your luggage weighs 51 lbs, it would actually be cheaper to walk into the airport, buy a piece of cheap luggage, and check in an additional bag. Something is wrong there.

I have four checked bags today, and one of them weighs 65 lbs. The guy at the curbside baggage check counter took a looong time to figure out how to deal with me (compounded by the fact that I couldn't understand what he was saying). He asked for my license three times, printed out the wrong baggage tags, and then "lost" one of my bags (he had left it around the corner on the scale), but in the end I managed to get away with only two $25 charges instead of $25 x 2 for extra bags and $50 for an overweight bag. Oh, and he didn't give me a boarding pass.

I hope my bags arrive.