Online comedy series: Man of the People

My buddy Jeremy Desmon just wrote me about a new online comedy series he is working on. Check it out!

> Hey all,

> I'm writing to spread the word about a cool new online comedy series I'm working on, called MAN OF THE PEOPLE: The Only-Recently Discovered Secret Political Recordings of Acting Mayor Francis "Woody" Woodson. The writing is really smart and clever and it stars an amazing crew of Broadway folks. This free audio web serial (with a political bent) "airs" new episodes online every Tuesday through Election Day, November 4th.

> Please take a listen! Go to hit the "Play" button. That's it. It's that simple. Even better, subscribe to receive weekly emails or have iTunes automatically download each episode as it goes online. And it's free! From the press release: "Akin to comedic serials "Prairie Home Companion" or Joss Whedon's "Dr. Horrible," MAN OF THE PEOPLE echoes radio plays of the past, while providing an up-to-the-minute, satirical take on the 2008 election through the guise of a heated mayoral race in the fictional hamlet of Daltonville (pop. 1799). Comprised of the "found" tapes of a small-town mayor secretly audiotaping his every political move, this episodic download follows Woody Woodson as he drags Daltonville through a series of political minefields, trudging along his quixotic quest for re-election (and, of course, his place in history)." Listen (and subscribe) at!

> Enjoy, Jeremy

> **ON FACEBOOK? ON iTUNES? GOT THREE MINUTES?** We hope you'll enjoy the series so much, you'll subscribe and share it with others over time. But, as we launch, could you please take three minutes to help us spread the word?

> **(One minute) On Facebook?** Go to (it may ask you to login to facebook). Select "Post to Profile" at the top and click the "Post" button. That's it. This helps us immensely. (Feel free to write a nice comment.)

> **(Two minutes) Got iTunes?** Go to and click "Subscribe." That's it. No obligation to listen, but an initial blast of podcast subscribers (that's you!) really, really helps us get exposure through iTunes rankings. So thank you so much. (Super-Duper-Bonus-Help: Know how to post comments at the iTunes Store? Please, please do, and say nice things!)

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