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A gift from God

I gave an 8-minute slideshow tonight entitled "Big Underwater Animals" and packed it full of images of sharks, whales, dolphins, turtles, pigs, and more. After the show, I made the acquaintance of a young Swedish couple who are in the middle of a year or so of travel and diving. Due to the horrible projected image of the slideshow, they asked to see it again on my laptop. The dude, Daniel, went crazy and showered me with praise while at the same time trying to give me advice on which images to show and which to delete (gotta love backhanded compliments). At one point, he said that I must be a "gift from God," and that the images I was showing him were the best he had ever seen. At that point, his lovely girlfriend/wife looked at me and said, "he's never said that to me" (about the "gift from God part").

And believe me, if anyone in the vicinity was a gift from God, it was her! Beautiful, (seemingly) nice, adventurous, and not too tall.

People think I meet amazing women all the time because I often end up in such exotic locations. Here's the truth:

1. the typical clientele are old(er) white men 2. young, attractive women at such locations are typically all attached to said old(er) white men 3. sometimes the % women = 0

So there you go. Now you know part of the reason I want to stay home more.