Dave and Kim's Wedding, New York

Dave and Kim at Cipriani, New York
Did I already mention that Dave and Kim's wedding was the most incredible wedding I've ever been to? I think I did. Cipriani is a great venue for weddings. It features 60' ceilings, and Dave and Kim packed the venue with yummy appetizers, beautiful floral arrangements, club-like/dynamic lighting, a 12-piece band, and more. Pat Suh came with me (the first time I've ever brought anyone to a wedding), which was great because I only know most of Dave and Kim's friends in passing (and I enjoyed getting to know you all better. :).

Here are about 40 photos from the event; most of the images are of the people I knew best, but there are plenty more on the full gallery site, which also features inexpensive print sales and full resolution downloads. Dave has the link, and should be sending it out to everyone soon!

As a side note, I shot virtually the entire wedding using a 15mm fisheye lens on my Canon 1Ds Mk III. There was a small army of hired photographers there as well, who seemed to be taking lots of portraits. I focused on shooting the mood.