LUSH press event, New York

Kim at the Sea Shepherd booth, LUSH press event
Kim McCoy and I manned the Sea Shepherd booth at the LUSH press event at the Hudson Hotel in New York a couple of days ago. I had never before in my life been surrounded by soap people and members of the fashion/fitness press! The female to male ratio was at least 10:1 (which is always nice).

LUSH recently added Sea Shepherd to its list of 21 supported charities, and earlier this month, hung a suspension artist up using longlining hooks in one of its stores in the UK in an effort to garner media attention about the issue.

100% of LUSH's Charity Pot lotion proceeds go into a pot to support its charities. They are also releasing a product called Shark Fin Soap, just for Sea Shepherd, as an opportunity to educate their customers about what is going on with sharks in the ocean.

I got to meet a bunch of the LUSH crew, who were all really passionate about pretty much everything. I had a bunch of issues of Wetpixel Quarterly on hand to give out to the writers, but it was the LUSH employees who ended up being the most interested in our collection of ocean denizens. I'm glad to have been able to share our magazine with you, and it was an honor to be included in your event!