Sixgill sharks have fluorescent eyes?!!

I found an article on sixgill sharks which states that sixgills have "small, flourescent *[sic]* green eyes with a black pupil." That a perfect example of a writer writing about something he/she has never seen before. In many photographs, the eyes of a sixgill shark do glow green, but that is because sixgills have a tapetum lucidum (like cats do), which reflects light (and thus, appear to glow green when the light source is close to the camera's lens). In fact, I've seen shark eyes reflect like frickin' laser beams at night when the light source is moved around a bit. It's creepy.

I'm going to write an article about cats. I found this photo:

Photo: Una Smith (Creative Commons)

... and have concluded that cats have one fluorescent green eye, one glowing red eye, and generally look pissed off.

Actually, I was just looking through my sixgill shark images, and I found one that might prove that's writer is right!

I don't know how I could have missed it.

--- Now, seriously ---

Here is an actual photo of a sixgill shark's eye, lit properly so light isn't reflecting back from the tapetum lucidum:

Sixgill shark eye