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Mac OS X - go to beginning of line, or maybe not

This is driving me crazy. In Windoze-land, hitting Home will take you to the beginning of a line of text, and End will take you to the end of the line. I had grown quite used to this and relied on it a lot. In Mac OS X, the respective keyboard shortcuts are CMD-left arrow and CMD-right arrow. The problem is that in web browsers on the Mac, CMD-left arrow is Go Back, and CMD-right arrow is Go Forward. The browsers are typically smart enough to detect whether or not your cursor is in a textarea, but that detection isn't 100% reliable. Sometimes, I hit CMD-left arrow while I am typing inside a textarea, and the browser goes back a page; I usually lose everything I happened to be typing. I've probably lost a small book's worth of text over the last two years.

Anyone have a workaround?