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How to fix RjDj crash on iPhone

Yesterday, I downloaded RjDj, which is a really interesting iPhone app that augments aural reality by sampling sounds and using them in a sort of real-time soundtrack played back via the headphone jack. The problem was that the application crashed upon launch (it's affecting many users). Here's the fix, which worked for me (posted by a user on RjDj's website): 1. Delete the RjDj application from iTunes 2. Delete the RjDj application from iPhone 3. Hard reset iPhone (hold the sleep/wake button and home button down at the same time until the screen goes dark and the white Apple logo appears) 4. Quit and restart iTunes 5. Re-download the RjDj application in iTunes 6. Plug iPhone in and sync

Unfortunately, I am suffering from the low volume problem now, which makes the app essentially useless. The sound volume is so low that you basically cannot hear anything. I hope they fix it.