Another late night

On far too many nights, the last thing that goes through my head as it sinks into my pillow is, "You're STUPID. It's SO LATE." Believe me -- I'd much rather be on a more normal schedule for someone so far past college age. I *feel* better when I go to sleep early and get up with the sun in the morning (although I suppose it doesn't matter as much in this cave I live in now). Still, late evenings do present the ideal working environment. North America is sound asleep, and Asia and Australia have finished their work days, leaving me only European correspondence to contend with. I receive nearly no email between midnight and my bedtime, which is normally between 3-3:30am. No email. No IM conversations. No phone calls. No distractions.

Tonight, I'm listening Renée Fleming and doing pre-press work in CMYK land. *Du bist die Ruh'* just came on, and it's five and a half minutes of pure inspiration. Tomorrow when I wake up to 50 morning emails, I know that I will regret yet another late night. But for now, it's just fine.