Adobe Photoshop CS3 activation fail on Mac OS X

I am astounded by how much Adobe CS3's activation process sucks. I changed my hard disks last month, and all of my CS3 applications freaked out and wanted to be re-activated. So I reactivated them. Just now, InDesign CS3 asked to do a repair activation. So I did it, and it worked (via internet). Photoshop CS3 then asked for a repair activation with an Activation Type of "Repair: 161:176". Google finds no instance of this Activation Type.

Internet re-activation failed. Automated phone re-activation failed twice. Customer support re-activation failed 4 times -- I had to read 50 digits (whatever) over the phone 4 times, and it was starting to piss me off. The fact that it is 2:45am isn't helping. But what was most annoying was the conversation with the Indian support woman.

>Nitwit: Can you close Photoshop and restart it?

>Me: (4 seconds later) OK. I have a the activation number.

-- repeat 4 times --

>Nitwit: How are you getting the new activation number so fast?

>Me: I quit Photoshop and restarted it.

>Nitwit: How did you restart Photoshop?

>Me: ... well, I quit Photoshop. Then, I restarted it.

>Nitwit: How did you quit Photoshop?

>Me: What do you mean?

>Nitwit: Did you use a command key shortcut?

>Me: Yes.

>Nitwit: Please use the mouse to quit.

>Me: I promise you that there is no difference. I verified that the process was no longer running.

>Nitwit: How did you restart Photoshop?

>Me: I used Quicksilver. It's basically the same as using the Finder.

>Nitwit: Can you please double click on the Photoshop icon?

>Me: The fact that I can restart Photoshop quickly isn't related to the fact that this re-activation isn't working.

This went on for awhile until she finally escalated me to a "support tech." The immense crapitude demonstrated by Adobe Support astounds me. And now, I can't re-activate Photoshop CS3 until someone contacts me from technical support. I am OUT WORKING; luckily, I am still able to call in by phone. What if I had been in Indonesia on a boat?

This is why software piracy happens. If I had been using a cracked version, I would still be able to work.