Evernote iPhone goes offline!

My favorite "store everything" database, Evernote, has implemented offline support in its latest version for the iPhone, v1.4 (unfortunately, the blog entry announcing the news seems also to have gone offline -- at least, for the moment). > When viewing a note on the iPhone or iPod Touch, you’ll see a little gray star in left corner of the note title. Once the note is fully loaded, tap the star and that note instantly becomes a favorite. It’s now quickly accessible any time, even offline. To view your favorites, click on “Favorites” in the tab bar along the bottom of the application.

For frequent travelers, this will prove to be the most useful feature Evernote has implemented to date. I can't tell you how many times I've been at the airport trying to look something up on Evernote (e.g. frequent flyer numbers) only to give up because EDGE is too slow -- and that is assuming I even get data coverage. I travel internationally so often that I often do not have data access on my iPhone (tried it, and gave up).

Now, if only Evernote would build a native Blackberry version...