Shark conservationists and racism

When is everyone from the white/western anti-shark-finning crowd going to realize that their efforts are going to amount to exactly NOTHING if they continue to be racist? Obviously, it's just the bad apples that are like this -- you know, the sheltered urban folk who have never actually been out to see what they are fighting against. Do a bunch of fundraisers, and you're going to save the world.

When someone talks about "the Japanese" or "the Chinese," I've already tuned out before they finish the sentence. No amount of educating the western world is going to change what is going on out there (concerning shark-finning, I mean)[^1], and alienating the target audience by being dimwitted and racist is common.

[^1]: Obviously, voting with your wallet works. But in this case, their wallets are getting bitter, and ours, smaller.